SACK THE BOARD! Man Utd accounts reveal full extent of Ed Woodward’s whopping pay rise [The Mirror]

Ed Woodward has overseen the least successful spell in nearly 50 years and was rewarded with…a 60% pay increase by the Board! Woodward & the Glazers must go now before the Club’s soul is lost forever!

Link to full article here

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    • Inept and not fit for purpose if I was that bad at my job I would be given the sack clearly they have no clue of how to run a football club. We got third last season and it looked promising they needed to back the manager with the targets that he wanted not a 33 year old striker to warm the bench it’s ridiculous.

  1. get the club back to the way they are if they want to qualify for the title they need to sign players we need more transfer signings if we are able to win the title again.
    we need.
    1- A centre back
    2- winger
    3- midfielder
    4- defenders

  2. dear Glazers you need to go because you have spent 60 pay increase to the club how dare you and all you have done is you did nothing for the club and its financial needs in the transfer window you all have decided to not to sign any players in this transfer window and left this club in debt and in serious trouble, how dare you all leave this club in financial crises this club will be nothing to you all and all you did was you will not pay any money that club needs to be more successful and you all treat this club with filth what is the point I’m you need to go along with Ed Woodward and the board

  3. to Ed Woodward, The Glazers and dressing room and bad managers
    poor recruitment, Ed Woodward and bad managers and dressing room culture you are to blame worst start to a premier league in 34 games in 24 matches. glazers you need to go and the same with you Ed Woodward and the board you all got to go.

  4. need to re-sign
    1-crsitiano Ronaldo
    2- Memphis Depay
    3- Zlatan Ibrahimovic
    4- Robin Van Persie
    5- Romelu Lukaku
    6- Alexis Sanchez
    7- Nani and Anderson
    8- Felliani
    9- Berbatov

  5. I’ve walked away from Utd. No point in staying on a sinking ship. Indeed I’ve walked away from football. The game as a whole for many many reason

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