MBAPPÉ MUPPETRY! Not a Chance the Frenchman Joins Manchester United.

“So you’re saying there’s a chance?” Nope.

To anyone who listens to the pod, this is just more transfer noise in what has been a dull transfer window for United. This article is more for your friends who have bought into these transfer shenanigans.

Mbappé to Old Trafford? Child please.

The Frenchman is arguably the best player in the world, and without a doubt I would LOVE to have him on the right side tearing through defenses and leading United to titles and trophies.

Unfortunately, that dream is only going to happen in FIFA 21.

United’s finances are shit (if you didn’t already know that go back and listen to the last few podcasts where John and Alex give expert financial analysis) and we’re struggling to match the Jadon Sancho fee of €120 million. There’s no way we’re coughing up €220 million for Mbappé (his reported fee from the 2019 transfer window).

Once upon a time, Mbappé was a target for van Gaal’s army for a (supposedly) meager £5 million. Compare that to £60 million for Di Maria… More bad Woodward business.

This rumor is 100% fake news and should be treated as such.

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