GLAZERS OUT! A Fan Letter to the MUFC Board – “United, We Love You.”

Where To Begin?

3-1, a scoreline that at first glance should have seen United back with a fast start and a fresh win in the 2020/21 Premier League season. However, the millions of us who watched at home or with friends at the pub, we know that it’s not what happened.

United, for the second time in recent history, the last occurring on August 24th, 2019, lost against a Palace team they should have run over. As I sat and watched Ole’s body language, of the players, of everyone involved with the club that I love so incredibly much, I saw no passion.

Even Donny van de Beek didn’t celebrate his first club goal. Why? Because there indeed was nothing to celebrate. Watching the presser where Ole explained that Crystal Palace deserved the three points and the way he blamed our lack of pre-season action for the loss…

It made me think about how incredibly defeating it must feel for him. Ole, a United legend in his respect, a man who knows United football through and through, doesn’t have the support he needs. Ole, the most recent scapegoat in a trail of past managers the Glazer family and Woodward have left in their dust, on their conquest to bleed this club dry. 

Enough Is Enough

Fifteen years later, we have had enough. Fifteen years of ownership that lacks passion, perspective, and financial backing when needed. Fifteen years of making the Glazer family rich while not caring enough to invest in our club’s future. 

We’ve sat back, watched transfer window after transfer window come and go with little to no proper injection in the squad’s veins. We need three, we buy one, and so the story goes. Our debts continue to grow, but alas, so does the wealth generated by the Glazers for the Glazers. 

Now is when we tell them no more, we speak up, and we push for answers.

United for myself and many others is a lifestyle, a religion, be loud, be heard, and, most importantly, get the Glazers the hell out of Manchester!


United fans around the Globe

#GlazersOut #WoodwardOut

Fifteen years of Glazer Family ownership lacking passion, perspective, and financial backing. Manchester United need the Glazers Out now!
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